Monday, May 30, 2011

FEMALE BONDS (ie acrylic nails)

Kari is going to school to learn how to do nails. I know it can be hard to find models sometimes so I volunteered to be a model if she needed one. Saturday May 28th early in the morning I was her first model. It took a little time and they were a little thick but not bad for her first set. Her instructor kept saying how good the nails were. I was thinking I would leave them on for awhile, maybe I will like them I thought. I was WRONG!

I got home around lunch time and thought they aren't too bad. I tried to eat lunch, nachos, it was so hard I ended up eating them with a spoon. The rest of the night they weren't bugging me, in fact they were fun to play with. Sunday morning I tried to shower. It was so hard to wash my hair. The getting dress was hard I needed help buttoning my skirt and It was hard to tuck in my shirt. I was walking around the house say I felt like Calypso (Pirates of the Caribbean) and I needed to be freed from my female bonds.

Sunday night I started to take the nails off. It was taking forever. I got most of it off the left hand and on the right hand I got all the tips off and filed smooth but it is still thick on the nail plate.

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