Thursday, February 16, 2012


We have had quite a busy month so far. Alma turned eight and had three parties, there was Valentines Day, and several field trips.

Alma's birthday was on a Wednesday. Jeremy took half a day off to surprise Alma. We went out to lunch and then to Toys-R-Us. That night was his first official night of scouts. The next party was on Saturday with his friends. He had six friends come. The theme of the party was tricks/pranks. The last party was on Sunday with the family coming over for cake.

Valentines Day or should I say night was a blast. Jeremy and I actually had money to buy each other presents and to go out. I bought Jere some cologne from Victoria secret and fixed his watch, AGAIN. He got me two necklaces from Kay. One is from the open heart collection, I love that one. For our date we went to Ruby River and had some GREAT steak and to see The Vow.  Jeremy also bought a box of treats from Cakewalk for Alma and I to share.

We have had a lot of field trips this month so far. We had two Valentines exchanges, a couple of performances at The Capital Theater, and an art and poetry festival with Washington Online.

The second half of the month looks just as busy as the first half. Alma has the remainder of his swim lessons, we joined a co-op, and the Safe Kids Fair is coming up.

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