Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dental Cleanings

Today we had our dental cleanings. I went first. They said my mouth was looking really good. I had no cavities and my gums were healthier. I guess my gums have be red and puffy. Alma and Jere went next. I stayed with Alma but could hear Jere talking in the other "room".  Alma had no cavities. He does have one more molar that still needs to come in. I have heard of the 12 year old molars but not 6 year old ones. I asked if kids get cranky like babies when they teeth. That would explain some of his moodiness. Jere does need work done. He has two cavities, they touch each other so it counts as one, and a crown. He had a cavity from years ago that was filled crappy. They have been telling us for awhile that that tooth would eventually need a crown because of all the tiny cracks on it. About a month ago it chipped.

We were teasing that all the cavity free people get a reward and the cavity people don't. I kept saying because my gums improved I get an Ipad. The dentist said if that is what you get for healthy gums I'm going to go scrub my teeth. It was a fun day at the dentist. I know that sounds funny but we love our dentist. He is a real guy, his teeth aren't perfect. Him and his staff don't make you feel guilty for not doing everything you are suppose to do.  They are just glad you are there getting your teeth checked.

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