Thursday, April 7, 2011

Let the Fun Begin

Tonight was Alma's soccer orientation. I knew we would be leaving there with Jere as the coach. I think the biggest hint was the phone call we got Tuesday night asking Jere to be the coach. He told them he was willing to be an assistant but didn't feel he had enough experience ( he has no experience with soccer)to coach. But if no one else was willing/ able to do it then he would study up on the rules and be the coach.

We got there and only one other kid from Alma's team was there. It was funny the other kid that was there lives in my parents ward. We mentioned to the dad that they called looking for a coach. He was willing to help coach as well. When the sports director came over to talk to us the other dad was on the phone so Jere just volunteered to be the head coach. There is a mom who is coaching her older kid's team but said she could help at the games until we get to know what we are doing. I'm kind of team mom, I took charge of making sure we have treats at every game. I don't know if we do a team party at the end but I would be fine with that.

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