Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Perfect Heart

Today Alma had his appointment with the cardiologist. He was so nervous he laid perfectly still. They did an EKG and took his blood pressure in both arm and both legs. His EKG was perfect. He is a normal healthy boy. They listened to his heart and said it sounds like a text book stills murmur. I guess you never grow out of a murmur. You always have the murmur. What really happens is as you get older your chest wall gets thicker therefore harder to hear the murmur. It was funny the doctor turned sideways put his hand on his chest and then moved it out away from his chest. Demonstrating that you "out grow" it because you chest grows.

We were so excited. That was exactly what we wanted to hear. We know he had a murmur so the best news was it was just a harmless murmur. After the hospital we went to Cakewalk. Alma was getting cold and restless so we told him if he was good we would stop for a treat. He was great the rest of the time.

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