Saturday, August 27, 2011


On Wednesday ( August 24th ) Alma had is well child check up. We talked to Dr. Dimick about changing Alma to a dairy free diet. We were curious if he needs to take any extra supplements. Dimick said that until adolescents you don't have to worry about calcium. We also talked about having an allergy test done to see if Alma needs an epi pen. The last thing we talked about was Alma's heart murmur. Dimick listened to his heart and said it still sounds the same, like a garden hose with a small nozzle on it. I was just curious how it was sounding. Dimick must have thought we wanted to do more. He wrote a prescription to see a cardiologist. He said just in case we want to. I thought it was in our hands to take further action. Shortly after we got home Primary Childrens called to schedule an appointment. I didn't want to be a bad mom and say, " No, We don't want to." So I set the appointment and had Jere check to make sure that the doctor is covered, he is:)

Krys went with us to the appointment and then to the new DI. As we were at the DI  I asked Krys what she thought we should do about Alma's heart. She said she wouldn't mess with the heart, it is worth it to get piece of mind. I asked Alma if he wants to get his heart checked and he said yes. So we were planning on scheduling with a cardiologist just not that soon. After the appointment was scheduled I was like well I guess we deal with the heart before the allergies. His appointment is September 6th.

Krys thought Dr. Dimick was cute. He was looking really good. Everyone who see Dimick "likes" him. Krys liked him so much she said he was going to be her pediatrician.

THE NUMBERS: I always thought Alma's growth spurts were in March or April, after his well child check up.  Because this one was on his half birthday we could chart his last growth spurt. He was 54% for his height and 21% for his weight. These numbers put together make his BMI in the 5%.  Dimick said you are the skinniest you will ever be between age 3 and 10. Alma is still on a nice growth curve. I was looking at the numbers from all the other well child check ups and noticed that Alma is getting taller faster than he is gaining weight. 
  His percentiles        Height:  age 4 14%                      Weight: age 4 24%
                                             age 5 32%                                   age 5 17%
                                             age 6  37%                                  age 6  18%
                                             age 7.5  54%                               age 7.5 21%

I guess he is playing catch up on his height. When he was born he was 95%

OFF TOPIC: Our old printed was having issues and wasn't working with Windows 7 so we had to get a new one. Kodak was doing $50 off a new printer if you recycled and old printer through Best Buy. We had our old  little Kodak printer that has been sitting in the garage over a year  that we took in. We wanted to sell it but knew we couldn't get much for it and no one wanted to buy it. There is no way we could've sold it for $50! We walked out of Best Buy with a nice new Kodak mega printer, ok not mega but a nice one. It prints, copies, and scans. My favorite part is that it can print nice pictures. I have missed printing my pictures at home.

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