Monday, October 17, 2011

Dairy: the GOOD, the BAD, the UGLY

The end of August we took Alma off of dairy. We wanted to see if he had an issue with dairy. To support Jere stayed off dairy, mostly. On Saturday we put Alma back on dairy to see how he would do. Alma had lunch, dinner and snacks with dairy in them. Jere also had lunch, dinner and snacks with dairy in them. And I was stupid and had dinner with dairy.

THE GOOD: Alma  did great with dairy. Not a thing bothered him. We are more than 48 hours since his first dairy food and he still is doing great.

THE BAD: Jere got all congested. He felt better the next morning. So he is good with small amounts of dairy but not all day long.

THE UGLY:  I feel fine today but Saturday night and Sunday morning I felt like crap. Saturday night I regurgitating and throw up a couple of times ( but all at once). Sunday morning when I ate breakfast my stomach got tight. It was mad and still scared ( as if it has a mind of its own).  I had to eat crackers to calm it down. After getting non dairy foods in it I felt good. I've been so itchy, and I'm not looking forward to the break out that should be coming in a day or two.

I learned I probably will never be able to have dairy, so I need to stop trying. I really didn't think anything tasted that great, except the chili cheese dog. Our house will remain dairy free. Jere and Alma can have dairy when we eat out or at other people's houses.

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