Monday, November 7, 2011

Another Injury

Tonight Alma was running to let the dogs in. He ran down the hall and jumped. He landed with his left foot hitting the corner of the wall. He fell down in pain and cried out. He came limping into the T.V room. His foot looked horrible. the bony knob on the side of his foot was double in size and purple. We were afraid he broke something so we took him into Instacare. As we were in the waiting room at Instacare Alma started to feel better. So we were reassured that it wasn't broke. The doctor looked at his foot and called for an x-ray. Great news there was no break. His foot didn't have any signs or symptoms of a sprain. So the doctor concluded that all the pain was caused by the blunt force of hitting the wall. He got an air cast and was sent home. He has to wear the cast for a week. For the first couple of days he has to ice it and take Ibuprofen for swelling. He was quit fragile, on the verge of tears most of the night. I hope in the morning he will be better.

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