Monday, April 2, 2012


 Yesterday was Alma's first time going to General Conference in the Conference Center. I was so happy that we were able to get tickets. I thought it would be really special to go right after he was baptized. I just hope in four years we can get tickets to the priesthood session, that will be right after he gets the priesthood.

There was a couple of protesters, you could hardly hear them.  You could hear the people singing hymns better. I insisted that we walk down the sidewalk between them singing. It is so AWESOME, the spirit is so strong. Our little detour put us farther from our door but we were fine with that.

After conference was over I asked Alma what he thought of it. His reply was simple, " It was good.". It is the drive home that made me smile. He started to say that he usually doesn't pray after Jeremy leaves his room at night but last night ( Saturday night) he did. He prayed that his back would get better ( will explain that at the end).  I pointed out to him that Jere said that morning (Sunday morning) it was healing quickly.  And that the flap of skin that we thought might need to be cut off most likely will be fine as well. I as told him that he was acting like a very mature boy by going to the lord in prayer. It was a great teaching opportunity. It still brings tears of joy to my eyes.

BACK STORY: Saturday he was outside in PJ pants and no shirt ( as normal, that kid hates clothes). He was running around the backyard. He ran behind the barbecue and cut his back on the hinges. Because he is so skinny his vertebra stick out and that is where he was cut.
The redness around the outside is from the tape.

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