Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Last Friday (March 16th) we sat Alma down to start "the talk". We keep nothing hidden from Alma. We have openly talk about everything in front of him since he was in womb. If we said something and he got a weird look on his face we would ask if he had a question. His reply was always "no".  After talking to some of my friends and then to Jeremy, Jeremy and I decided it was time to talk directly to Alma about the human body and basic sexual intercourse.

Jeremy was faced with friends talking about it when he was still in California. He moved from California at age eight. I was faced with it at a much younger age, first I can remember I was six ( hung out with my old brother and his friends). With Alma being eight and wanting to play with his friends daily now we thought he need some knowledge. I don't think his friends are bad, I hope they never talk about it ( until an older age).

So we sat Alma down and the first question I asked was, " What is the difference between a man and a woman?" Alma: "The jaw bone size." Me: "Anything else?" Alma: pointing to a picture of the urethra " The length of the tube that pee comes out". We have used my high school anatomy books before to talk about the body so seeing drawn pictures of the body was normal for him.

We talked more about the human body and anatomy but not too much and nothing else to share on the internet. I just wanted to get down how cute his first two answers were. There will definantly be more talks in the future when he gets old enough to understand more. I hope he will feel comfortable to come to Jeremy or me when he gets more questions.

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