Saturday, June 16, 2012


For the last two weeks we have had the girls with us. Travis was kicked out of the place they were living. He is at the shelter until he can save enough money for an apartment. It is a long and annoying story and that isn't the focus of this post so we are moving on.

I'm tired at night but it has been fun. We went to the Chalk Art Festival and Read Today Festival today. It was a blast, the kids came home with ALOT of free books and stuff. Last weekend we went to Liberty Park and let the kids walk around in the Seven Canyons streams and then took them to Chapman Library for Zoo Mania.

It hasn't been too bad having two extra kids. However I'm glad that we only have them for five weeks plus helping with them up at Clayson Camp. I don't know what will happen with them after that. Travis should have an apartment by then but family is thinking maybe he should get settled and let the girls stay at Dad's house for awhile.

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