Sunday, July 29, 2012


I can't believe July is almost over. I had so much I wanted to do this summer and got very little done. I always heard that time goes faster when you get older, I believe it now.  Even though we didn't get much of my list done we still had lots of fun.  The summer was filled with a trip to Lagoon, plays at the Scera, and camps.

We went to Fullmer Camp at the beginning of July.  We had fun making duct tape wallets and quiet bags. Went to the lake several time. Had a crazy deer that walked right up to people. And Alma got to shot the automatic paintball gun.

 We went to see All Shook Up at the Scera. It was rainig all day but had cleared up just in time for the play. When we got there they were still drying the stage.

The middle of the month we went to Lagoon with Dev and his friends. It was a hot day. The lines were long. Alma got a bloody nose, a couple of times. It was a blast! I love being on the scrambler with Alma and Jeremy. The laughter that is heard will forever stay with me.

Just this weekend we went to Cub Country. It was my first time going as well as Alma and three other boys. On Friday we went to Galaxy Quest and Saturday we went to Cub Fort Frontier. I liked Galaxy Quest better but all the cub scouts like Cub Fort Frontier better.

We also went swimming several times. In August we plan to go a lot more. In August we also plan to see another play at the Scera and Aladdin at Tuacahn.

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