Thursday, October 4, 2012

Just another update

Not much has happened since my last post. Life is moving forward as normal. This past weekend we went to a preview of Frankenweenie on Thursday, the drive-ins to see Hotel Transylvania and ParaNorman on Friday, Utah Natural History Museum on Saturday, and Lagoon Frightmares on Sunday. Yesterday Alma went into the orthodontist to get his first adjustment. He is soar today.

I was ready to kill Jeremy at frightmares. We went into a haunted house, The Backlot. I saw a guy with a chain saw behind plexy glass. I went to point him out to Jeremy and the guy was gone. Then we smelt the chair saw and noticed he was in the room with us. I FREAKED and started to run, but I wasn't going anywhere very fast. Jeremy was holding my waist! As soon as he let me go I was gone. So to get him back throughout the rest of the haunted house I would tell everyone "I'm not the scared one, he is." So they would follow him around and breathe down his neck. At the very end of the haunted house there was ANOTHER CHAIN SAW GUY! We where walking cross a narrow bridge/ hallway. The evil guy showed up at the end on the hallway. It scared me so bad, I had no place to run. I screamed a bloodcurdling cry and froze. I think I scared the guy because he just backed up and let me pass. If you can't tell I'm terrified of chain saws. Nothing else scares me in haunted houses.

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