Tuesday, September 11, 2012


On Saturday we were turning into the subdivision and I was looking out the window as I always do. I saw a man walking toward 4000W with a towel around his leg and blood running down his shin. I asked Jeremy if he saw the guy. We quickly turned around and went to see if the guy needed help. He was walking in the street, (I think he was hoping someone would stop to help.) so we pulled right up next to him. I rolled down my window and asked if he needed a ride to Instacare (less than a mile away).  He said yes with a look of relief in his eye. He looked and sounded like he was going to pass out soon.  Jeremy grabbed the blanket from the trunk and through it on the back seat. The guy was very cautious and concerned about getting blood on the car. ( I never saw any)  On the short drive we found out he was hanging picture frames and fell on a four inch piece of glass and that it was stuck in his knee, he couldn't pull it out. The guy also said if he had money with him he would pay us for gas. We said it was no problem, we were happy to help.

After the guy got out of the car Alma started to cry, saying "That was hard." We talked with him and said we understand it was hard but at the same time if it was Daddy he would want someone to help him. After our talk Alma was doing better. It isn't like it is the first time we have stopped to help people, we do it often. However, it was the first time we helped someone that was injured with Alma in the car. Less than a week after Jeremy and I were married we say a horrible accident on the freeway that we stopped to help, I was still a licensed EMT at that time. That is a story for another time. 

The experience on Saturday got me thinking it is hard at times to know what is right. I was thinking did I scar my son? was helping that man worth it? I say "YES! It was worth helping the man." I couldn't in good conscienceness driven past that man. I would always wonder what happened to him, I still wonder if he is ok. I think Alma is fine, no scarring.

I  won't stop ( I won't say never because there might be that special case) to help people if I'm by myself or with Alma still young. Once Alma is older I will stop. And if I'm with Jeremy we stop often.

I posted this on Facebook to see if other people would've done the same thing and here are the responses got·
    • Sonne Bailey Koeller I think it's great you stopped and helped this man, in time your son will realize what a charitable thing you did, and it won't be so scary anymore.
    • Chris Kofoed I agree with Sonne. That was a good thing to do.
    • Tennille Peterson Rodgers I saw you across the street as I was leaving my driveway and won
    • Tennille Peterson Rodgers wondered if everything was ok- I guarantee I would have done the same thing- with all of my kids! We have had times that people have needed our help while we have lived here- whether its a car accident, or someone who has to pull over because their child us throwing up- its always better to be available and show the world, and your kids that there are good people out there that will go out of their way to help others! I'm so glad you stopped to help him. Thank you! :)
    • Kimberly Lynn Cherrine-Bell I would have helped the guy and so would William...I know their were a few times we did things that scared Leira similiar to this when she was younger...She does not feel like she was "scarred" I think she is greatful we showed her not to be in fear of helping others and even not having fear in other situations..She definitely sees it in other young Mormons how terrified they are of helping "less fortunates" or even going certain places becuase they are afraid of people "not just exactly like they are"....Only time we ever "gave in to her fears completely" was if she was persist over time...Two people in particular she wanted nothing to do with and we had to quit helping with a group of challenged young people because one of the boys was "attracted to her and would not leave her alone" It was becoming "terrifying" for her
    • Jenica Moyes Helmstetler I would have done the same thing. Alma will one day appreciate the fact that you helped someone in need and he got to witness this act of kindness.
    • Jack MacDonald Vivian what you did was a act of kindness and you should never second guess wheather you should have stopped to help or drive on as so many people would have done. I am very proud of what you did and I thinkAlma will one day do the same thing if needed because you showed him how to be a charitable and kind person. NEVER SECOND GUESS YOURSELF GOD WILL REWARD YOU ,AGAIN I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU AND JEREMY.
    • Rose McFarlane Chapman What a wonderful example of being a Good Samaritan
    • Christie Kelson Bigham You absolutely did the right thing.
    • Dianne Berry Asato You did the right thing. What a wonderful way to show him how to help someone in need. As for the trauma, he'll get over it. When ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.
    • Bob Fullmer You did the right thing!
    • Shellie Hill Bates I think in the end the more charitable you are the more charitable Alma will be. Mckay's mom is extremely service oriented and all of her kids are the same way. Even though he was scared you taught him a valuable lesson. Good job!
    • Cindy Mac Donald Moss It is scary...but you did the right thing!!!
    • Patty McBride Paulsen The kindness of strangers is what makes me have hope for humanity. You did a good thing, and I am very proud to know you. Love ya.
    • Maureen Wood What you did was an act of Christlike service. I believe if he had been a danger you would have not offered him a ride. Way to listen to the still small voice. Alma will be fine and remember his parents giving service to others.
       SIDE NOTE: When I got home I put gloves and wiped the whole back seat with Clorox wipes and then throw the blanket in the washer on hot water, extra long cycle, and extra soap. No germs for us. It helped Alma and me feel better. 

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