Thursday, March 31, 2011


The first thing with numbers is today Nathan turned 14. So for awhile Matt and I are 28, Nate is 14, and Alma is 7. Two years ago Matt and I was 26 and Robby was 13. Next year Robby will be 16 and Alma will be 8.

Yesterday I had my eye exam. I was a little concerned when the assistant and the  Dr asked if I have noticed a vision change. Yes I have noticed a change but I couldn't tell how it has changed. My right eye went up by .50 and my left eye went up by 1.00! I definantly  need glasses.

The last "numbers" topic is Alma's dibble test. Got his results today. He fluently read 29 words per minute.That means he is an average first grader. His teacher would like us to just focus on reading for the spring and summer. Since he completed the other subjects awhile ago this will be easy.

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