Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fullmer Camp 2011

This past week ( July 17-23) we were camping with my family. We had lots of fun. We went to Payson Lake, fishing, played in the river, played games, target practiced with paint balls and much more.

Jere and Alma went fishing, and actually caught a fish. Jere can careless about fishing but Alma wanted to go.  When Jere started to gut and clean the fish Alma was quite sad. Alma ate some of it but I don't know when he will want to go fishing again. He is such an animal lover.
Almost in tears

We went to the lake twice during the week, Monday and Thursday.  On Friday we found out that there were two bears walking around Payson Lake on Thursday. They couldn't catch them so they had to empty the campground.

We took ALL 5 of the dogs with us. They did pretty good. The little kids loved them. Everytime we turned around a little kid was over by the dogs. Spy got sick, he ate something that did NOT like him. That was a nasty mess to clean up. With the lack of a shower and washer we had to throw all the blankets away and bath the dogs with baby wipes.


Kaiden, Bare,Spy, Tiny, Precious

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