Wednesday, July 6, 2011


We had such a fun weekend. We started out down south in Goblin Valley and finished up in the north at Antelope Island.

We left Friday morning for the four hour drive to Goblin Valley. We stopped in Lehi at Trafalga to see a XD movie, Jet and Jim. Before we checked in at Goblin Valley we stopped at Temple Mountain Uranium Mine. It was so hot after being in the car with A/C. The mine was so high up we only sasw it from a distance. They had some cool run down buildings. After we were done with the heat  we went to Goblin Valley and set up camp. As we were unpacking the car I noticed my shoe was broken. How was I suppose to hike with a broken shoe?!?!?!? So we finished setting up and then went into Hanksville. It was such a small town, no place to buy new shoes so we found some super glue to glue the soles back together. On our way back to Goblin Valley we saw a cool OLD tow truck.  When we got back to camp I started dinner and Jere was going to fix my shoes. He couldn't get any glue to come out so he cut the tube open and THE GLUE WAS DRIED!!!!!! We were so mad, we spent that time and money for nothing. On our way back into Goblin Valley we had stopped at the visitor center and bought some post cards, bookmarks, magnet and Alma a t-shirt. While we were walking around in the visitor center I noticed they had duct tape. So while I was finishing dinner Jere went back to the visitor center to get some duct tape. It pretty well on holding my shoes together until on Saturday when we were in the slot canyon and the tape wouldn't stick so I finally just pulled the broken pieces off and thought I will deal with it.

Saturday morning we hiked in the Valley of the Goblins. It was so fun. We were going places that Jere would have to help us into. Jere would pull us up or block us from falling, he is the man. After resting for a little and having lunch we went to Little Wild Horse Slot Canyon. That was the coolest place. Being claustrophobic it was scary but so worth it. It was in the afternoon so it was getting so hot again. When we got back to camp it was so hot almost unbearable. Jere took some sleeping bags (that we weren't using because it was so hot at night) and laid them out in some shade cast by our covered table so we could cool off. We laid there while Jere read to us.

Sunday morning we packed up, then went to the Valley of the Goblins to hike some more before leaving to come home. This time we found a cave. It was the coolest cave we found the whole time. It went back and then turned. At the end we could look up and see the guy standing above us. After hiking about and 1.5 hours we left for home.

Monday we met Jere's family at Antelope Island for a picnic. While we were Alma became a Jr. Ranger. He had to pick up trash, and do some other activities to learn about nature.  That afternoon we had a play-set raising party and BBQ. ( We got a free Rainbow play-set and needed help setting it up.) That night Dev and Naamah ( Jere's siblings) had brought some fireworks to light. Alma got his first lesson in lighting fireworks from Dev. He was taught how to light them safely and how to dispose of the safely.

It was a fun weekend.

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