Wednesday, July 27, 2011

TEE Test

About 12:30PM
Here I sit waiting for Jere to recover enough from the test. Every few minute the blood pressure cuff takes his pressure and every time an alarm goes off and it is low. First it was 91/48, now it is 88/48.  There is a yellow line that I don't know what it means, I thought it was his breathes per minute but I hope not because it keeps going to zero ( and I can see him breathing still). His heart rate is jumping around but staying in the 50's.

I was going to stay with Jere as long as they let me. Them kicked me out right as they were numbing him for the test and brought me back in right after it was done. The nurse said that Jere has a great gag reflex. It took three tries to get the ultrasound thing down his throat. Jere said he could not swallow so the doctor had to push it down his throat. Thinking about it, it makes sense. They relaxed muscle that have myotonia those puppies are going to move for awhile.  The doctor also said that surgery is up in the air. We met with Jere's neurologist Friday and we will talk to her about pros and cons of surgery and then Aug 5th ( a week and half away) we met with the surgeon and talk more about surgery. The doctor also said that the MRI showed possibly more than one hole. The PA that we met with for the results of the MRI didn't tell us that. The GREAT news is that there is only one hole. I guess Jere said that the doctor was very happy with the images he was getting on the ultrasound today. I can't remember now which way the blood was flowing, I think he said left to right, but some is going right to left as well. The reason it is hard to decide to do surgery now is because Jere has no signs or symptoms of a hole other that seeing the hole. The hole will wear out his heart faster if it doesn't get closed but we have to weigh the pros and cons.

There goes the BP cuff again lets see what the results are this time..........95/52. Pulse 63. now pulse is 73. Pulse back down to 58.

I'm so hungry. I could use a hamburger and fries. I'm too scared to leave Jere's side though.

Well that is scary. I just looked up what the yellow  line on the monitor means and I was right it is his breathing, breaths per minute. Right now it is 15.

I'm writing this because I'm bored and so Jere can read it after he comes out of the sedation and wants to know how things went. I'm so stinky, I should've chosen a stronger deodorant. My body is all messed up, any hightened emotion and i sweat, then I get cold so my body kicks up the heat and i sweat even more. It really STINKS, get it stinks hahaha.

1:17 PM
The cuff is going again, and the results are....... 93/49 pulse is 60 and breathe is 12.
 Breathing went back up to 14 and pulse is jumpy is low 60's

He just moved and pulse went into high 70's ans breaths were 17 but now they are back down to pulse 61 and breaths 14.

He speaks! "It's almost 1:30?" is all he says. When asked how he is feeling " good" is all I get before back to sleep he goes.

I was just thinking I'm documenting Jere's vitals so I need to know what they gave him. They did some local stuff in his throat and the sedative in his IV. The sedative was given in the lowest possible dose three times. They slowly gave it to him until it started to work. The name on the bottle is Bacteriostatic 0.9% sodium chloride and the bottle for the local says lidocaine hydrochloride 4% on it.

The cuff just went again, the alarm is sounding again 87/49 pulse 79 and breaths 17 Jere was moving then so now they are back to pulse 59 and breaths 11.

He is awake more now. The nurses where talking about cookies in the hall and Jere said " That ain't fair". He hasn't been able to eat since last night before bed.

I just heard the nurse talking at the nurse station. Saying room 21 ( that is us) has an interesting rhythm. Saying it looks like something, ( I didn't catch what she said). His pulse is 62 and breaths 6?! Now back to 11.

"I'm ready to go home" then back to sleep.

Cuff again 93/51 pulse low 60's breaths 14. " yeah, my BP didn't beep that time"

Try sitting/ moving up and looked horrible, white/greyish. Lay back down color came back, kind of. Pulse high 50's breaths 12. Starting to get restless, by restless mean tapping hands and feet.
When asked if bored get a head nod yes.

Nurse comes in ask about neasea Jere has none. One or two more BP then let us go. Took O2 off and O2 sensor.  Pulse low 60's breath 13. " Man I felt so far out when fell to sleep"

BP cuff 99/53. Pulse high 50's and breaths 13.

" hey, what you been up too?"
He farted he must be feeling better:)
Pulse is high 50's and breath 16, nope now 10. Now 18.

Talking and ready to go home if only the nurse would agree. Still need another BP . Still looking kind of white " I just want to get up and get some food"
Nurse comes in to discharge. All good to go.

Last BP106/53 pulse 60 breath 18 ( while taking IV out)

We are home finally. He was able to walk to the car by himself. " I have a frog in my throat, do I sound hot?" " Ugh, I don't feel like driving"

He has drank water and eaten a fruit cup. Now he is doing spaghetti So all is well.

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