Sunday, January 1, 2012


This is video of the ball room. It was crazy in there. Friday  night Alma was chasing the big 5 feet balls and got nailed with one. He was knocked over and broke his glasses. Luckily they broke in the same spot as normal so they we able to be super glued. Saturday several people had their glasses break. Mine were knocked off a lot but never broke.

We got right in the middle of all the balls flying. The balls were coming at us from all directions. There were so many on the floor around us that in spots they were waist high.

They projected the count down on the side of the hotel.
Bounce Town

Bounce Town



Relaxing on form glow in the dark blocks

Creating Art at the Salt Lake Art Center
EVE was so worth the money we paid. We spent $86 on the three days. That includes tickets, dinners all three nights, snack Saturday night and glow toys for Saturday night. We saved about $82 with all the free shows we got to see.  We went to four different shows at the Planetarium and one at Off Broadway.

It was a blast! We most likely will go again next year.

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