Sunday, January 22, 2012

Trust Nothing

In the past week I have been "poisoned" twice by cereal. The first was Monday. I had been feeling off for a few days. So as I was eating breakfast I thought to check the cereal box for ingredients. To my surprise they changed the chocolate pieces to have milk. Ugh! The same company has come out with a new cereal that has milk chocolate in the center. The "issues" I got with this was nasty "pimples" and IBS pain.

Today for lunch we grabbed a new box of cereal, this was a different company. After about five bites, I knew it had milk in it. I grabbed the box and I was right. It had whey in it. It kicked my butt. The hiccups, the reflux, the feeling of foggyness. Im sure that means more "pimples" and IBS pains as well. We figured I reacted more to the whey cereal because  whey is more concentrated.

Why do they have to put milk in cereal? I guess that is another thing I always have to check. Ugh!

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