Saturday, January 21, 2012


We have lived in our house for six and a half years. It finally feels like ours. We have done a lot of remodeling. I wonder if the previous owners would even recognize the house. Shortly after we moved in we took down a fence around the front yard and tore trees out of the backyard. The roof blow off several years ago. The shingles on at that time were red and we replaced them with black. The outside looks different.

Inside looks different too. We have replaces the tub and shower up stairs. It use to be a three piece surround until it fell on Alma while he was showering. Now it is tile. The bathroom downstairs has been gutted and redone. Where there was only a shower is now a tub and shower. The wood paneling in the basement was ripped out and drywall put up. All the carpet has been ripped out. We either bought area rugs or just left the hardwood showing.  When we bought the house the front room was two rooms that was opened up and connected to each other. A year and a half ago my mom got sick and needed a room upstairs so we put the wall back up.

I'm very pleased with the functionality of our house now. Downstairs  we have a good size family room, a bathroom that doesn't feel like a "basement" bathroom and Alma's toy room and bedroom. Upstairs we have a nice library, and craft room. I finally feel like we are using our house . We have room to breathe and enjoy life.

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