Tuesday, August 28, 2012


This week is our "vacation". We started it out by going to St. George on Saturday August 25th and came home on Monday August 27th. Today, August 28th, we went to outback. Then we have plans for the rest of the week as well.

We went to see Aladdin at Tuacahn on Saturday night.  Before the play we did a back stage tour.  On the tour we were able to take pictures of the set and learned a lot of secret. On Sunday we went hiking in Snow Canyon. We saw lava rock, petrified sandstone and sand dunes. We were so hot and sticky but had fun. On Monday I got to buy a new Dixie sweater.

Tonight we went to Outback for dinner. Alma got a free kids meal from Cub Country. He wanted to get steak before he got braces ( He is getting braces in a week). Jeremy and I thought he was so cute, we couldn't resist. The waiter we had was great. He would check everything for us to see if it was dairy free. He even hooked Alma up with desert. We noticed that the kids sundae came with your choice of Oreos or chocolate sauce. We asked if Alma could just have a few Oreos. The waiter came out with a huge bowl of crumbled Oreos.

The week has only started. We still have a lot planned. Tomorrow we are going to Ogden Dino Park with Rebecca and Angela.  Thursday is the Not-Back-To-School party at Park Day. We will have hot dogs, games and a white elephant exchange. Friday we are going to see The Lorax on a big screen at the pool. Saturday we are going to Salt Lake Seven Peaks. Monday is Labor Day and we are planning to go to Onion Days and then stop at the Provo Seven Peaks. We also still have a free kids meal at Applebees so I'm sure we will have that this week as well.

Tuesday, September 4th, Jeremy has to go back to work. That is when doctor appointments start. Tuesday afternoon Jeremy has an Echocardiogram.  Wednesday Alma gets his braces. Thursday Alma goes to see Dr. Dimick  for a Well Child visit and a Urology follow-up.

What a busy couple of weeks. It is great! I wouldn't change a thing.

P.S. Alma lost his tooth tonight. He was chewing on the draw string to his pant and the tooth just fell out.  It fell to the floor and he yelled " My tooth just fell out!" It has been loose for awhile. I'm glad it finally came out.

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