Friday, March 25, 2011

Chocolate Bunny

This has been a hard holiday for me. All the candy that I love to eat at Easter is chocolate. My favorite thing is to bite the ears off a hollow bunny and then drink milk out of it. We found a bunny mold and made me one. Alma wanted one but it takes some time to make one, and  it isn't cheap. We bought Alma one from Harmon's a couple of days later. It was a little thick but o' so good. It was so thick that no milk leaked out at all. Here are some pictures of the yummy bunny.
Making the bunny

Putting it together

The finished bunny.

The bunny getting ready to be eaten:)

Look no leaks!!!

I was so happy to have a chocolate bunny

The straw got frozen in the bunny

 Facebook status: My "little" brother is turning 14 in a week. Jere called to see what he wants for his birthday. Jere asked what size of t- shirt Nate wears. Nate replied "extra large." Jere not even thinking asked " Is that kids or adult?" I started to laugh, last i heard he was 6'2''!!

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