Monday, March 7, 2011

Dirty Dishes in the cupboards?!?!

We have this system of doing dishes. I will load the dish washer and start it and Jere will unload it. Usually I start it at night and Jere will empty it in the morning so that I can load it during the day. Well last night it never got started. It was almost full and I ment to finish filling it but forgot. This morning Jere emptied the dish washer. Around lunch time I went to finish filling it start it. I opened the door and was horrified at what I saw, it was EMPTY! I got sick to my stomach. Luckily I have a good memory and could remember what was in there. I grabbed the plates and bowls, the cups and the silverware. As I was grabbing the plates they were greasy, there was a pan that was really nasty. I asked Jere if he couldn't feel or see the grease. He said, " I thought they seemed alittle dirty." I know I'm good at prewashing , but I'm not that good. I told him next time don't empty the dishwasher half asleep. And if the dishes seem dirty and the dishwasher door has food still on it leave the dishes in there. We had quite a good laugh about it.

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