Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Today Alma had an eye exam. We took him in because he has been squinting alot. The doctor said "He could use glasses but it isn't a have to thing. It isn't worth a fight if he doesn't want to wear them." Alma wanted glasses. He played with them alittle, but kept them on most of the day. I even told him that he didn't have to wear them at the movie ( Mars Needs Moms premier) because it was in 3D. He really likes them. He has a nice case  and a cleaning cloth that he keeps right by him all the time. We found clip-ons that fit his glasses and looks good at Wal-Mart. We plan on getting them before summer.

The story of the nice glass case. Alma got a basic one from Eyemasters but not a traditional open and close tight kind. So we set out to find a nice/ fun one. We went to Wal-Mart, no luck. Then we saw Standard Optical and thought maybe they will have some cool ones. We walk in and don't see any cases. We walk to the counter and ask if they have any. The lady said yes and then walks to a drawer and pulls a brown case out, and says we can have it. I was like we wanted to buy one. The lady said, " These are the cases I have and you can have it." It was a  brown traditional open and close tight kind with a cleaning cloth inside. I didn't think it was "cool" but Alma was excited. So it was great, we got it for free and Alma was happy.

Totally Alma
Our Favorite picture ( minus the toy)

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