Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Great Weekend

This weekend has been good.

Thursday we got a check in the mail from doctors appointments that we had in March. We all got our eyes checked in March. I thought it should be concidered preventive care. They charged us our co-pay and we left it at that. I guess it was preventive because the check was the amount of all three of our co-pays.

Friday we met with the surgeon ( Dr. Kenwood) to discuss if Jere needs surgery or not. After talking about the pros and cons there will be no surgery right now. Instead Jere will just be monitored ( echo with bubbles) yearly and take a baby asprin daily. Jere fell asleep during the TEE and so he didn't realize that they did a bubble test. They mix air into salt water and then inject it into your IV. There should be bubbles in the right side of your heart but not the left because the lungs should filter the bubbles out. If they is any bubbles in the left side of the heart that means that blood went through the hole and bypassed the lungs. Jere had " a moderate" amount of bubles in the left side.  Dr. Kenwood was shocked to find out Jere ran cross country in high school. Dr. Kenwood said if I felt strongly about closing it I wouldnt give you a choice. At this point and with our insurance we are looking for a reason to close it ( and there isn't really one). There are lots of hoops we would have to go through. Jere would have to get a brain MRI with bubbles, to see if bubbles( clots) are getting to his brain. Dr. Sampson was going to have a fellow stroke specialist look at Jere's stuff and she what they thought.

Friday night we went to the drive-ins. We saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes and X-Men First Class. Both movies were so good. Alma is the one who actully chose which movies to see. You know your kid is growing up fast when they chose "grown-up" movies.

Saturday we slept in until 9am, it felt so good. Jere got up and took Alma to Home Depot for their monthly craft. When they got home we where going to go to the dumps and drop off some old computer parts and see if they had any outdoors paint or stain for the shed Jere built and Alma's fort. On our way to the dumps Jere wanted to drop the monitor off at the DI  because it still worked. Since we were there we went inside to look around. We found some books, a game, a cool fleece soccer blanket, a Willow Tree figure, a Backugan toy and an office style white board cabinet. It is 4 feet by 4 feet cherry wood. You open it up and both doors have cork board on them, the center is a huge white board and there is a projector screen that pulls down . It also had markers ( that all worked) , an eraser and push pins. We tried to get it into our car but it wouldn't fit so we had to call Ellen and Naamah to bring the truck. As a thank you we took them out to eat at Carl's Jr.

At the dumps we scored a green paint for the shed and a red stain for Alma's fort.

It was a great weekend.

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