Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Monday (8-15-11) I got the lab results of my blood draw from the week before. They checked everything.  Kidney and liver function, blood sugar, thyroid, vitamin D,cholesterol,blood count and much more. Those are just the ones that Dr. Lym pointed out in his notes. There is also a line that says calcium, I assume that is the same thing I take my calcium chews for. ALL of my numbers are in the normal range, not one thing is too high or too low. 

I have been having fun with my results. I keep eating yummy things in front of Jere and saying" My triglycerides are normal so I can eat ANYTHING I want"  I keep eating what I normally eat, I must eat pretty healthy if all my levels are good. Getting all the good stuff ( vitamin D and Calcium) and not too much of the bad (cholesterol). It is nice to know that I'm perfectly healthy. Alot of things are both genetic and life style based. It looks like I have good genes and a pretty healthy life style.

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