Monday, August 8, 2011

Perfectly Anxious

I haven't been feeling that great lately so today I went to see Dr. Lym. I've had shortness of breath, chest pains, what I call the eternal side ache and other pains. He determined that it is anxiety. The shortness of breath is caused by anxiety. The chest pain and side ache are most likely acid reflux and anxiety can cause you to produce more acid. So he gave me some samples of a new drug for acid reflux, Dexilant. If that doesn't help in a couple of weeks I'm suppose to go back and then we will do some test to see what is causing the pain. I think it will help now that we know Jere isn't having heart surgery and I thought it might be acid reflux.

While there I also had them check my cholesterol. Since Jere got his I've been curious of what mine is. The nurse came in to take my blood. She had three tubes. I asked if they were all for cholesterol and she said no, Dr. Lym is doing a health panel on you. They check cholesterol, for diabetes, kidney and liver function, blood count and more. I should have the result by the end of next week. Dr. Lym will get the lab reports back and then write a letter and mail it to me. It will be good to see what those tests show.

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