Friday, January 21, 2011

Poison Dinner?

 I was excited to make a nice dinner in the crock pot. I put frozen chicken, onion, bell pepper, and some potatoes. I left it and went back to doing school with Alma. A couple of hours later I went to stir it and smelt something foul. The light on the crock pot was on but the pot was cold. The chicken was thawed and smelt bad. When you lift the lid all you could smell was the onion but walking into the kitchen you could smell bad meat. We didn't know if cooking would "kill" any bacteria but we didn't want to risk getting sick so we throw it out. Instead we had Burger King.

Other funny things:

Jere Told me that the other day he was at work. He stood up and his chair moved back without him knowing. He went to sit down and fell hard on his butt. Falling when you think a chair is there is always funny.

We were watching a movie tonight and Alma was bugging me so I bit his ear and he screamed. I said "You scream like a girl."  His reply was " That's right. One time at park day I was on the tire swing and screamed. They told me I scream like a girl."

This is from the beginning of the winter.( I wanted to see how to add videos to a post.)

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