Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Three Times the Goodness.

So this morning I was going to bake a cake for Jere's birthday. I put the mix in added the oil, eggs and water. Well I saw 3 1/3cup water. As I was mixing it I thought it look really runny so I looked at the box again and it was suppose to be 1 1/3 cup water, oops. So I had to run to the store and buy two more boxes of cake mix. We ended up having a 9x13 pan, a 9x9 pan, 4 mini loafs and 12 cupcakes. That is a lot of food.

To help us eat it we had Ellen, Naamah, Dev, Krys, and Michael over to have a "party". We ate cake and played a game.

Update: Alma woke up again insanely early. He came into our room at 2am. My mom said he heard Alma showering before he came into our room. When Alma came into our room he said " I get so confused".
Jere took him back to his room and showed him the clock and said if it is before 6:30 it is too early to get up. Lets hope he sleeps through the night tonight.

This bowl is huge and it just barely fit all the mixes

ALL the cake made

This was suppose to be the ONLY cake

"lego" cakes made with the left over cake mixes

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