Saturday, January 8, 2011

Search for the Perfect Gift.

Alma went to see Yogi Bear with Grandma Danna, Uncle Robby, and Uncle Nathan today. Since Jere and I had some time without him we decided to go shopping for his birthday. He is so easy to buy for that he is hard to buy for. He would be happy with anything, that makes it hard to decide what to get him. Going shopping with him he wants anything and everything. Once you buy it for him he loves it for awhile and then it sits on the shelf. There are a few gifts he really wants. One is a Bakugan super toy called Maxxus Dragonoid, however it is $40! After looking at several stores we came home with one little toy.

Once we got home and started to talk to Alma he said he wants a new DS game. That should make buying him a gift easier.

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