Friday, February 25, 2011

Alma happenins

I HATE went people try to make small talk with Alma. So today we went to license the dogs. The lady that was helping us looked at Alma and asked, " So are you the big or little brother?" Alma just looked at her and said, " I'm an only child." She was silent.

Is it a bad sign that Alma started to talk about a safety device for cars that he thinks would be cool while I was driving? It would come out of the center and hold the child in place. I'm not that bad of a driver.

I feel for the world. Alma is starting to act alot like me. We were teasing Jere that he is in trouble when Alma is old enough to hold him down and I can torture him. Then Alma came up with more of a hazing than teasing. He said we would put peanut butter of Jere's head, a feather on his nose and a reese's cup on the feather.We have decided he can NEVER join a fraternity. He will be the evil mind behind all the tricks.

Funny/nasty: I put my glasses on the sink when I shower. I usually put the towel there as well. Today as I grabbed the towel it knocked my glasses into the toilet. I guess next time I will make sure the lid is closed.

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