Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Few Funny Stories

STORY ONE: The other night I was so cold I was trying to put my head under the blanket. As I was trying Jere was puling the blanket. I said I was cold , he said he farted. He was trying to prevent me from having a cover wagon.

STORY TWO: Jere isn't aloud to have a heater at his works's new building. So to keep him warm he turned his computer so the fan blows the hot air on his feet. Pretty smart:)

STORY THREE: Alma and I was reading The Three Bears for his school today. An optional activity was to switch the story a bear coming to a human house. We were teasing that the bear would try Spy's crate and say it is too small. Kaiden's would be too big. Bare's crate would be just right. Then we laughed because a bear in Bare's crate that is funny.

STORY FOUR: I like my stomach warm almost hot. So I will stand by the oven with the door cracked and my shirt slightly out so the heat goes on my bare stomach. Recently I started to do it over the stove after dinner is done cooking as the burner is cooling off. Today I got too close and I bumped the stove, not the burner. But it was still hot and left a small mark on my stomach.

That is just a few stories from the last couple of days. We are always laughing because of funny and stupid things we do.

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