Saturday, February 26, 2011

Backyard Mechanics

Today we planned to renew the registration  on the Stratus.  Jere changed the brakes last weekend  and got up "early" to change the oil this morning. We thought for sure it would pass with flying colors. We were wrong. There was a motor mount broke so it failed. They said it was only three bolts and the quote listed less than a half hour to change it. We thought if that is all, we will save ourselves some money and change it ourselves. So we went to Napa to get the part. We were going to change the part in the parking lot because we only had a couple of hours before the service station closed and we needed to get the car registered by Monday. Alma had to go to the bathroom and Napa didn't have a public restroom so we got the part and went to WalMart (1300 S 300 W). I took Alma in to use the bathroom while Jere started on the car (this was about 1:30 PM). When Alma and I got back from the bathroom Jere had alot of parts moved out of the way. I was quite excited, it looked like he was going to get it done fast. I got Alma set up in the car and then went to see how Jere was doing. He was struggling alittle but not bad. Then it happened, the engine dropped like inches! That is not a good thing to see. It took several movements of the jack to get the engine in place to get the bolt that bound out. Then it took several more movements of the jack  and a gentle hit with a sludge to get the engine back in place to get the bolt back in. After all the bolts were in the motor mount all that was left was to put a couple of small parts back on. So I got in the car to tell Alma that daddy was just finishing up and we would be off shortly. I said "It is warm in here." Alma agreed and then asked if Jere had the keys so that we could start the car. I told him yes daddy has the keys but we can't start the car because the peice daddy is working on holds the motor and if we start it it could cut dad and the motor could drop. Alma's reply to the engine dropping was " again."  Me with a chuckle "yes again" . Then I looked out the window and saw Jere a little annoyed. I got out thinking that it was something big like the motor mount was wrong or something. But it wasn't that, he just couldn't find a socket he used to take a part off earlier. After finding one that worked but not the one from before he was done. When he went to shut the hood I said "Don't forget that" motioning to a ratchet and socket. He grabbed it and said" ah geez" that was the socket he was looking for it was inches from his hand the whole time.
After about an hour and a half we had changed the motor mount. Should have known it would take that long. It always takes twice if not triple the time a project is suppose to take. We got the car reinspected and it passed. YEA!

Things we learned:
 If you are going to do work yourself ALWAYS read how to do it before you start.
Don't do work in WalMart's parking lot (or any parking lot) if you don't have to.
If you are doing work in a parking lot make sure you have more than enough tools for the job.
ALWAYS support and engine before you remove anything with the words "motor mount" HELLO the name says the motor is mounted with it. Should've known it would fall.

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  1. I forgot to mention that the car ran so much better. It is such a quiet car now.