Saturday, February 19, 2011

Last of the Nasty Carpet Gone!!!!!

Today we took out the carpet on the stairs. It was the last of the nasty orange and brown shag carpet from the seventies. Now the only carpet in our house is rugs that we have bought. It is nasty when you tear out carpet and see the decades of dusty under it.

We were ready for a break, so Jere and I wanted to go to Borders. Alma didn't want to go so he said " I will ask you nicely to please stay. It will be the nicest ever." Jere said, " Will you be that way all night?" " I replied "No" Alma responded," Mom! Don't be ruining my plans." I told him that we have the same mind so he can never pull one over on me. It is scary how alike we think. They say great minds think alike. :)

This goes along with a previous post, Doesn't Play Well with Sharp Objects. After the carpet was off the stairs we had to go through and pull out all the staples that held the carpet pad down. Well dinner was ready and I stood up to go up stairs. I stepped on a staple! I felt it and didn't step all the way down but it still went in my foot about half an inch. It was the right foot towards the outside of the foot. I went to pull it out and I couldn't. I called Jere. He looked at it and said get ready then pulled it. He pulled it half out, he had to grab it and pull again (it was that far/stuck in my foot). This is scary the older I get the clumsier I get with sharp objects. Good thing my tetanus shot is current.

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