Sunday, March 4, 2012


Yesterday was the big day......Alma's baptism.  I have been thinking about that day for so long I can't believe it is over, I can't believe he is that old. When people ask me if I feel old I just remind myself that I will still be in my 30's when he graduates high school.

Alma got a new suit form Grandpa Jay and Grandma Danna. He had  no black shoe so we bought him black shoes and a new white shirt and tie. Jere had no black pants so we bought him a nice pair of black pants, a new white shirt and a new tie. We didn't have money to buy me a new dress or blouse so I just wore my sophmore sweethearts dress. It feels good to still fit in it:).

Alma really wanted the girls at his baptism so we picked them up Friday night and had them sleep over. In the morning we got ready and went over to the church. There was suppose to be three baptisms but Alma ended up being the only one. We stayed in the relief society room for the whole thing and then went down to the kitchen and the rooms right off it for cookies and apple juice. The was about sixty people there. After cookies a few of us went to lunch at Red Robin.

It was a fun day.  I can't believe it is over. He is getting so old. He is halfway to driving, scary! My little guy is growing so fast. I hope he never out grows us.

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