Friday, March 16, 2012


Wednesday March 14th we had the opportunity to go cross country skiing up at Soldier Hollow. Washington Online had set up a field trip so it only cost us $15, It would've been $115.  It was Alma and my first time going. Jeremy had been half a dozen times.

Falls, plenty of falls were happening. Alma would tip over more than fall. He did that a lot, nut then he would get right back up and keep going. Jeremy had one good fall, and a couple of almost falls. Me on the other hand, I had three good falls. The first one I hurt my left wrist but was fine. The last one I was already soar so I don't know if I hurt anything. It is the second one that looked like it came right out of the movies.

So we were up at the top of a small hill, maybe 10 feet to the bottom. I was starting to go down and got scared so tried to stop. I stopped alright with my butt and back hitting the ground. As I fell backwards I swung my arm and my pole went up into the air. Like a second after my back hit the snow the pole came down and hit my on the forehead. I hurt, I would've started to cry if I wasn't laughing so hard. As it happened I thought how funny it must have looked. I'm not quiet when I fall so Jeremy heard the scream and turned around, so he saw the pole hit me in the head. He said it was really funny looking.

We all had a blast and would love to go again. 

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