Sunday, March 4, 2012


On Monday February 27th we pulled Alma's top two front teeth. They had been loose for along time. He wasn't using them to eat so It was time to get them out. One of the holes already  has a tooth coming in, so that tooth was ready to come out.  I told him Sunday night that if that tooth wasn't out by Monday night he would lose a quarter for each night it was still in after four nights he wouldn't get any money for it.  I told him if both teeth were out by Monday night I would give him five dollars instead of the dollar each if they came separate.

Monday afternoon we were playing around, I was acting like I was going to punch his tooth out. He said "If I can hit you first." I agreed and he punched me in the mouth. Then it was my turn. I just barely his hie tooth and it started to bleed. That was the beginning of a fun night. Jere and I told him if he had the tooth out before 6PM that we would get him book number two in The Knights of Right series. He really wanted that book he had it out well before 6PM. Then we looked to the other tooth. It was in better but still really loose. We told him that if he got that one out before 7PM that we would get him book three and four in The Knights of Right series. He really wanted those books as well. Jeremy was willing to help, he got out the Nerf gun and tied fishing line to a dart and then to Alma's tooth. That was funny, until the fishing line moved to far up and we couldn't get it off. I was having visions of trying to explain to the dentist why there was fishing line stuck in Alma's mouth. Luckily after some playing with the tooth we were able to get the fishing line out.  Shortly later the tooth came out. I felt so bad that we also bought him a drink.

Those we some expensive teeth after everything was done they cost us $26. The book we already bought ( they were suppose to be for Easter) for $20, $5 for having both teeth out that night and $1 for the drink. It is a good thing we only have one kid, they is no way we could afford to keep things even. 

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