Sunday, March 4, 2012


On Friday March 2nd Jeremy had his last appointment with Dr. Sampson:( . She is moving in June to go do research at Columbia. It will be sad to see her go but great for the Myotonic community, she will be great at  research. She asked Jeremy if he wanted to be part of a study she was working on. He signed a consent form and gave two tubes of blood.

Jere and I have been thinking that his calves were getting weak.I was thinking he was getting close to needing braces because when he stands up he does a funny walk before he can walk normal. We talked to Dr. Sampson about it and found out that is calves aren't weak it is just the myotonia, or the muscles lack of relaxing. In fact he is using more muscle to hold himself up. She said there is a medication ( Maxilatin) that can help with that BUT the cardiologist has to okay it first because it affects the heart. Dr. Sampson also sent him home with a sleep apnea test, wants him to get tested for diabetes just to be safe, and is sending him to a physical therapist for exercise recommendations.

It was a good appointment. Great knowing Jere is NOT close to needing braces. Our next appointment is in six months with a new doctor. I hope he is good.

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